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Our mission is…. to EVOLVE PHYSIOtherapy by providing care that informs, educates and empowers you on your path to wellbeing.



We understand the frustration of injury and not being able to do the things you love.


Our knowledge is the power to help you change and grow.


We celebrate diversity and welcome people from all walks of life.


That you will receive 

personalised, individual 
care every time.

Sally Blake Physiotherapist-director Evo

Hi, I'm Sally, director and principal physiotherapist at Evolved Physio. My belief in physiotherapy and exercise as a tool to empower people to be active in their own injury management led me to establish Evolved Physio in 2018.


My aim was to create a welcoming and inclusive physiotherapy clinic with a true focus on achieving better results for our clients and getting people back to doing what they love sooner – after all isn’t that what life is all about? 


Sally is a highly experienced physio who has worked in sporting clubs and private practice clinics across Sydney and Melbourne since 2006, treating a variety of injuries across a diverse range of clients.


Sally graduated from the University of Sydney in 2003 with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science before going on to complete her  Master of Physiotherapy in 2006.

Sally is constantly updating her knowledge with regular professional development and has completed additional training including Clinical Pilates and dry needling. 


She enjoys using her versatile skill set to treat all types of musculoskeletal injuries with a particular interest in hip/pelvis and lower limb injuries, headache and pregnancy/ post-partum women. 

Mandy Willis physiotherapist Evolved Phy

Hi, I’m Mandy! I am a physiotherapist at Evolved Physio. My goal is to help you to feel, move and perform at your best. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or you’re competitive in your chosen field, my philosophy is still the same: empowering you be the best version of you.  


My love for helping others and understanding the human body is what led me down the path of physiotherapy. Movement is medicine, so let’s get you moving and feeling like yourself again.  


Mandy brings experience within the musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy domains, completing her Bachelor in Exercise Science at La Trobe University and Doctor of Physiotherapy at University of Melbourne. She has worked across private practice and sporting clubs within Melbourne, primarily in football and soccer, including VFL and NPL1 divisions.  


Mandy’s treatment approach is both thorough and client-focused – utilising an array of manual therapies, functional rehab and movement retraining to optimise her client outcomes. Mandy has a particular interest in treating neck, back and lower limb injuries in both the sporting and non-sporting populations.  


Mandy also has experience in gait and footwear assessment and prescription and implements this into her practice to manage and reduce the risk of footwear-related injuries, enhance lower limb alignment and reduce pain along the kinetic chain. 

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