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No office chair! No worries!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

With working from home looking set to become the new “normal” for many of us, now is a great time to look at ways to make your home work-station more ergonomic. Evolved Physio has some great tips to help get you set up.

Chairs can be tricky and finding the “right” chair for you can take some trial and error and also often a lot of expense. Ergonomic office chairs can cost hundreds of dollars and with the uncertainty of how long it will be needed at home, may not be a viable or cost-effective option for everyone.

Here we look at some no-cost, simple and effective ways you can modify your existing chair to reduce the strain on your body.

Low back pain or stiffness

A great option is to place a rolled towel or small cushion into the natural curve of your low back

Another option is to sit on a low cushion or folded towel at the back of the seat to create a slight forward tilt and transfer some load off the back and into the legs.


Upper back, neck and shoulder pain or stiffness

If it’s the upper body that causes you the most issues when sitting, then placing the rolled towel or cushion higher on the chair will encourage a more upright posture and more optimal alignment of the spine.


Don’t forget to move

Taking regular posture breaks to get up and away from the desk is Really important.

Our body is not designed to sit stationary for long periods of time so set a timer or alarm at regular intervals to remind you to get up and move.

Contact Evolved Physio if you need a personal assessment or treatment for those working from home aches and pains. Our amazing Physiotherapists, based in Maribyrnong and Footscray will help get you moving better and set up ready to take on your work day.

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